I've made three VST instruments and one VST effect, which I'll briefly describe below. You can download all four by clicking this link.

All of these are free to use and you can sell whatever music you make with them. (but if you want to support me, anything is appreciated!)


Briefly: DoFi is the toy. it makes funny vocal-esque sounds.

The name stands for "Double Filter", which also describes exactly how it works. Not much more can be said about it because of its simplicity.

check the demo


Briefly: the ringmod. designed for leads / chords

I forgot what the name stands for. "Subtraction Triple Ringmod Filter Engine" or something like that. It combines filters with ring modulation in an interesting way.

check the demo


Briefly: F2FM is the harmonicifier. designed for bass.

The name stands for "Filter to Frequency Modulation". It takes an oscilator, applys filter and resonance, and then uses that as the modulator on an operator. Add some distortion and you have some neat bass sounds.

check the demo (full disclosure, the pew pew sounds at 0:47 were sampled from who knows where, and the chords at 1:17 are synth1. everything else is F2FM.)


Briefly: BRSfx is the lofi. sort of simulates a bad radio signal.

The name stands for "Bad Radio Signal simulator". It adds strange artifacts to your sound and is just really noisy.

I don't have a demo for this one, so here's a playlist of the last three demos instead, just to round out the page: